Being a cat only veterinary practice gives us many advantages in feline medicine.  Your cat is likely to have a much more pleasant experience without the smells and commotion often caused by dogs.  We are here because we care about the animals we work with.  We treat them with the utmost respect, and their well being is our highest priority. Also, our doctors can focus specifically on feline veterinary medicine.  Drs. Blouin and Tran are active members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and regularly attend feline specific conferences to stay current on feline medicine and surgery.

More than that, we place emphasis on caring.  Our doctors and staff take time to handle your cat in a calm and deliberate manner to ensure their good health.  We care about their well being just as much as  you do.

Our goal is maintaining and strengthening your bond with your cat.  Keeping you informed by providing education about their health is an important part of that.  We know that your cat is more than just medical facts.  We strive to look deeper and connect the elements in their lives for a more complete picture of their health.


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